Twin girls in matching white dresses with pink bows

7 Tips on how to shop twins clothes on a budget!

7 Tips on how to shop twins clothes on a budget!

Twin girls in matching white dresses with pink bows


If there's one thing I know for certain being a twin mom, it’s that buying clothes for twins can get expensive! So finding deals is the best way to shop for twin clothes on a budget! 

While your twins will never stop growing, and you’ll never stop having to shop a size up, finding solutions on how to save doesn’t have to be hard!

Below are a few simple solutions to help!

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Know when sales will happen

Most big stores are very predictable when it comes to the types of sales every year! Planning ahead allows you to take advantage of discounts and markdowns! Waiting to buy until these sales happen can save you so much money!

These are the types of store sales you should be on the lookout for!

Look For These

Ask sales associates

If you find clothes or outfits that you love that are on sale, don’t ever be afraid to ask sales associates if they could look up if they have similar styles and sizes at another store! You can still get the same pricing of the same outfit that you want at the same discounted price! Some stores have the option to ship to the store or to your home for no extra cost!

Stay connected online

This may seem trivial but staying connected on social media to the stores you shop the most is really helpful! Typically they will start promoting big sales or clearance before the day arrives so you have time to search their items online and see if the sale is worth it! Also, most stores will use their social media platforms to advertise new outfits. Although counter productive because we’re looking to save, these types of announcements are usually followed by a huge sale 6-8 weeks later!

Sign up for emails

I know what you’re thinking. No. more. emails. But seriously, who doesn’t love coupons and sales?! Signing up for emails is one of the smartest things that you can do because they’ll send you coupons and offers to entice you to shop! Check the fine print of the emailed coupons because sometimes they don’t have coupon exceptions and you can use them on clearance items as well, doubling your savings!


I know giving out your personal email address to someone you don’t know or trust can be oddly stressful. No one likes spam emails, I know I don’t and will unsubscribe if they start to get too aggressive with their email marketing! Not to mention I'm always worried that my email is going to get sold and increase the amount of spam I get!


So one thing I did was create a ‘sales’ junk email! Creating something like lastnamesave@ or lastnamecoupons@ will help you keep unnecessary emails out of your inbox but still allow you to check the inbox every once and awhile making sure you’re not missing out on savings!

Figuring out the brands you love

Sometimes finding brands isn’t just about how cute the clothes are. It’s important to find quality clothing brands for your twins so you know that your money won’t be wasted if they wear out before your twins grow out of them!

Gap for our boys has the best pants and jeans. We learned very early that our twins are tough on their clothes, especially the knees of their pants and they were wearing them out faster than they should have been! Once we started buying quality pants, we were able to keep them looking new long after they grew out of them! {which definitely helps for resale!}

It’s also important to buy higher quality clothing if you have a smaller wardrobe for your twins because even washing clothes can wear on them!

But with quality comes price! So once you figure out your favorite brands you can hone in on when they have their sales!

Since I know we love Gap pants and that they fit our boys so well I usually follow their sales so I know when I can take advantage and buy the next size up!

Shop end of season

The best clearance is shopping at the end of a season for the next size up! For us here in Minnesota, we’re heading into Fall so most stores are clearancing out all their summer clothes! So I’m currently shopping for new swimsuits, swim shirts, hats, shorts, short sleeve T-shirts and all the things that I can buy that the boys will fit into next year! I can usually get them between 30-50% off and sometimes I even have coupons! It’s the small things that make me feel organized and prepared because now I’m all set for Spring/Summer!

You know you’re from Minnesota when the weather hits 50 and everyone pulls their shorts out! Ha!

I just love that I’m not rushing to buy them new clothes at full price and always have the staple clothing items in the next size up already!

Shop preloved - SameSame Kids

And last, but certainly not least, you can shop pre-loved! SameSame Kids is the perfect way to shop quality brands at discounted prices from fellow Twin MoMs! Check out to see what’s available now!

Don’t forget that the more money you save on your twin clothes, the more you can make when it’s time to sell them on SameSame Kids!

The easiest way to shop with twins, is not to!

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