Twins swaddled in sleep sacks

Best Sleep Sacks for Infants and Toddlers

Best Sleep Sacks for Infants and Toddlers

Twins swaddled in sleep sacks


Trying to figure out how to get those twins of yours to actually sleep? You've tried everything from bouncing, to swaying, to swinging. From blackout curtains, sound machines, nightlights, and mobiles and still nothings working? 

Let me tell you that you are not alone. 

Figuring out sleep with an infant is hard enough, figuring out sleep with multiple infants at the same time? Well, that’s a challenge that I am here to help you can take head on!  With a few tricks and transitions, you'll have your twins snoozing in no time!  

All of the above mentioned items that you've tried are still key in providing routine and helping signal to your twins that it's time for sleep, but one other key factor in getting your twins to sleep easier and for longer is {what} they are sleeping in! 

Before I had the boys I did all my research on what they would sleep {in} as far as pack n’ play, bassinets, or cribs but not until the day they were born when the nurses had them all snuggly and swaddled did I realize that what they were {swaddled in} actually meant a world of difference between a 20 min cat nap and an 1 1/2 straight through nap! 

So if you've been searching for a way to get your twins or triplets on the same sleep schedule without having them sleep on you or rocked to sleep, swaddles and sleep sacks may be your answer! I know they were for us! 

Sleep sacks won’t cure all but I promise they’re worth a shot to recreate the safe, warm and snuggly feeling that you gave them for so long! Below you'll find a list of all the swaddles and sleep sacks we’ve used from birth to 3 years old! 

0 - 3 Months - Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

We had registered for the Halo swaddle at the recommendation of my best friend Renee and they turned out to be a pretty amazing start to our sleep sack journey! We loved the option to swaddle with with their arms in or out. Sometimes we did 1 arm out so they could have a little freedom but after they'd fall asleep their little reflexes would kick in and they’d smack themselves right in the face, so that option was off the table for awhile. The only issue we found was one of our little dudes hated, and I mean ‘hated’ the sound of the velcro so that made diaper changes quite interesting for awhile until they got used to the sound! But to be honest, even with the velcro, these sleep sacks are truly amazing! 

The one thing you have to keep in mind when picking out your sleep sacks and swaddles is the TOG rating.  A TOG rating is the number of how warm an item of clothing will be.  The higher the number, the warmer the clothing will be for your twins and they'll always list it for you.  

We used a TOG rating of 3.0 with our Halo Sleep Sacks because our twins were born in April and we still had snow on the ground here in Minnesota! So if you're in warmer climates, I would recommend a lower rating for 0-3 months.

Infant wearing Sleepsack
Halo Sleepsack

3 - 6 Months - Love to Dream Swaddle

Around 3 months we transitioned into the Love to Dream swaddle. These are form fitting but give them a little more freedom to move their arms and chew/self soothe on their hands but are still swaddled in. One of the features we liked was you can unzip the arms on them so they can be free! We unzipped the sleeves for naps starting around 4 months to test it out and then all sleeping around 5 months. Best news is…no velcro! Just zip and go! Also makes for taking two babies out of cribs on your own easier when they're all snug as a bug! 

6 - 9 Months - Merlin magic sleep suit

These were a life saver for when we finally tried to transition our twins into their cribs at 6 months. They are thick and warm so we usually only put them in a short sleeved onesie so they didn’t get too hot. I swear once we changed diapers and zipped them up in their little sleep suit they’d instantly snuggle in and their eyes would slowly soften like it was their cue that it was time for bed. Around the time that they started to roll over was about at the end of when they had grown out of these and we transitioned into sleep blankets. 

6 - 36 Months - 1st laugh

Cost: $18

1st Laugh Muslin Baby Sleeping Sack Bag, Lightweight Wearable Blanket


My mom actually found these ones for us and we loved that they were thin and loose but still acted like a wearable blanket without having the risks of having a blanket in their cribs! We followed the rules about no blankets in their cribs until after two so these were perfect sleep sacks to get us to the next steps in our sleep journey! I loved that they were 100% muslin cotton with a TOG rating of 0.5 so perfect for summers!


Woolino sleep sacks

Cost: $125

Woolino 4 Season Toddler Sleep Bag, Merino Wool Baby Sleep Bag Sack, 2-4 Years

Just before our boys turned 2 we switched to these in the 2-4yr size. It took me forever to swallow the cost but since we weren’t ready for crib blankets yet for safety and I still wanted them to be warm and cozy, I decided to bite the bullet to keep them cost and safe! They can walk in them and it’s part of our nap and bedtime routine so they know that it’s the sleep time signal once they have them on!


We’re 2 1/2 years in on our sleep sack journey and no one has tried to climb out of their cribs yet! {Now that I say that I probably just jinxed myself!} But here’s to hoping they won’t be able to get a leg over until they graduate and I can keep them in their cribs until then!

For links to all the sleep sacks we’ve used I’ve made a list for you!

Kiss your children goodnight, even if they are already asleep.

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