How to organize your twins closet

How to organize your twins closet


Tiny twin clothes can be the worst!  But I'm here to show you how simple and fun it can be to do their laundry, fold their teeny tiny twin clothes and keep an organized closet! 

Organizing your twins closet the easy way!

When my husband and I bought our rambler, we knew once we got pregnant that the room that would become our nursery wouldn't have a closet because we didn't want to put our baby in one of the basement bedrooms.  We had no idea that baby was going to turn into BABIES and that we'd need double the closet space! 


So my husband and I headed down to IKEA and bought this nice closet wardrobe that is actually in the room next to theirs.  At first it was weird to me to not have their clothes in ‘their' room.  But to be honest, I couldn't be happier with where it is! I've been able to do laundry and put their clothes away during naps and bedtime without fearing that I'm going to wake them up or leaving them on the kitchen table until nap is over. (Apparently thats where all the cool kids fold their laundry these days! Ha!) 


I was worried as they got bigger that I would need more space but I'm pretty certain I'm more orgazinzed now on what we actually need for clothes that even though they're getting bigger as each moment passes, the key to it all is how you fold, hang and staying on top of only keeping what they wear in their closet and selling the rest on SameSame Kids


Below you'll find a few examples of how I make the most of our closet space just by how I fold and hang their matching clothes! 


Ps. If you're not a matching mom, no worries! You can always fold and hang outfits together to save time and space, even if they dont match! 

How to fold two piece pajamas

Start with laying out pajamas flat 

Fold in half

Fold in 1/3

Fold the other 1/3 over 

Lay out pajama top flat 

Put pajama bottoms close to the top of the shirt

Fold in arms 

Fold bottom of shirt 1/3 of the way 

Fold the rest in 1/2

Stack matching set together! 

How to fold pants, jeans and joggers

Same goes for jeans, pants, joggers etc! Keeping matching clothes together makes morning so much easier! 


Fold in 1/3

Fold over again! 

How to fold one piece pajamas

I dont think I'll ever stop loving one piece jammies.  There is something so adorable about their tiny little bodies all snuggled up. 

Lay out jammies flat – I apologize for the crumpled photo, it was the only way I was getting it all in the picture! 

Fold in both sleeves one at a time so they lay flat and are within the width of the jammies

Fold legs all the way up to the arms 

Fold bottom 1/3 of the way 

Fold another 1/3 

Wa-Laa! Stack and put away! 

Use 1 hanger!

One of the best things is doubling up hanging clothes, you save more space and your closet will be so much more organized this way! Plus its way easier to hang one over the other than you think it would be! Even with hoodies and bulky sweatshirts! 





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Below is my three year olds ENTIRE matching wardrobe! In one closet with 4 drawers! 

Every piece of matching clothing my twins have in one perfectly organized closet! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to open it up, grab and go! 

6 sets of shorts and 2 sets of swim trunks/swim shorts

9 matching sets of jammies including the glow in the dark skeleton ones that every MoM needs! You have them lay down on the floor to ‘activate' and you'll get at least 5 mins of peace and quiet! 

9 sets of pants – khakis, jeans, joggers and sweatpants! 

Socks, underpants and our ‘fancy socks' aka rainbow soccer socks they demanded on having and our special trampoline park socks!

I hope these little tips and tricks help you enjoy folding your matching twin clothes a little bit more and that their organized closet brings you a little peace to your day! 

Clothes aren't going to change the world. The kids that wear them will.

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