Mom and Dad holding twin boys upside down

Share Your Twin Stories

Share Your Twin Stories

Mom and Dad holding twin boys upside down


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SameSame Kids celebrates the joys (and sometimes, the heartbreak) of mothering multiples, and we'd love to share your twin stories to support, educate and inspire our MoM community. 

Calling All MoMs!

If you are a mother to twins or triplets, or if you’re an expert who can lend some much-needed advice, we’d love to hear from you.

Photos and stories submitted to SameSame Kids may appear on our website, social media channels or newsletter. By submitting you are following our submission terms and conditions. 

MoMma Stories

We are looking for true, first-person stories between 700-900 words that explore the following topics of mothering multiples, which celebrate the joys (and frustrations!) of parenting twins, and that help share meaning, hope and inspiration to other MoMs just like you! 

Here are some tips: 

>> Answer the question: What do I know now as a MoM that I wish I had known before?

>> Use first person throughout: I, me, my, mine

>> Be detailed in your descriptions, almost like you’re in a movie 

>> As always, be kind 

We’re currently seeking submission on the following topics: 



Do you have any funny stories about what it's like to be a Twin MoM? Stories of joy and laughter? A day in the life of a Twin MoM. The ones that remind you exactly why you were chosen to be a Twin MoM. 



Was your NICU experience expected, uncertain or overwhelming? How did you work with nurses and doctors, handle friends and family members? What would you share with an expecting MoM based on your own experience? 



We’re seeking tips, tricks and the latest science and research on the often frustrating part of motherhood: Eating, sleeping, organizing, potty training and other mothering advice. Plus, fun and inspiring stories on traveling, improving your marriage and date night ideas.



Recount a specific moment when you decided to stand against mom guilt. Did you go to work, stay home or work part-time? Whatever the decision that sparked guilt, and how you overcame it, we would love to hear about your journey. 

Triplet girls wearing pink shirts and jeans
Expert Stories

Are you a professional (such as a doctor, counselor, midwife, teacher, home designer or travel coordinator) who regularly works with mothers of multiples? Do you guide expecting MoMmas through pregnancy, birth, or as a parent while their children are newborns through age 5? And do you have expertise you’d like to share with our community? If so, we’d love to consider a guest column to share with our community.


Here are some tips: 

  • Speak from your professional experience 
  • Provide practical, easy-to-understand explanations 
  • Share links to research or studies when appropriate 
  • Include a bio and headshot with your submission 

We’re currently seeking submission on the following topics: 

Pregnancy + NICU
What should MoMmas expect when they’re trying to get pregnant, exploring or using IVF, experiencing different trimesters, understanding health risks before birth, expect during birth, or if their babies are in the NICU? 

The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.

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