4 Double Strollers for twins in your budget

4 Double Strollers for twins in your budget


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The “best” quality double strollers for twins on the market is more than $3,000. But who can afford that? You don’t need to spend all of that money to find the stroller that will work best for you. 

There are all kinds of things for new MoMs to consider when buying a stroller, since there are so many in such different price ranges, but choosing one shouldn’t be overwhelming. 

I’ve taken my three-year-old twins on so many adventures — to the park, to beaches, to Target, to the zoo — and I’ve tested out what strollers work best for me and my twins. Here’s how I evaluated them and what I recommend.

Evaluating double strollers

Here are the top 5 things I looked at when looking for double strollers for our twins and why I thought they were important to consider.


Double strollers run anywhere from $100 to more than $3,000. It’s important to know your budget before you try to pick a double stroller. Don’t feel MoMma guilt for passing up the luxury edition! Feel confident in choosing one in your price range that works for your lifestyle.


It’s pretty easy to tell which strollers are designed for your twins comfort. If a stroller reclines and has pads on the straps you use to buckle them in, it’s likely to be a comfier stroller because the straps and buckles won’t dig into them.

If a stroller isn’t comfortable, your twins will want to get out and once you let them loose they’ll be gone and you’re not going to get them back in there! Trust me!



There are so many options — so decide what style might be best for your kids by thinking through how they interact and what you’ll be doing. 


There’s a design for every situation: Double strollers that look like wagons, and wide strollers that let your twins sit side-by-side. There are long strollers where one twin sits in front of the other. And there are strollers that let your twins face each other.


Make sure your stroller is the right size and weight for your lifestyle. If it can’t fold up to fit in your car, or you don’t have space to store it in your home, or it’s too heavy for you to lift, it might not be the best option. 


You also have to ask yourself what you are going to do with the stroller. 


If you’re buying a stroller to walk to a nearby park, you won’t be lifting it in and out of your car a lot. 


If you’re buying a stroller to take to Target, you want something narrow enough to fit down the aisles. 


And if the stroller can’t fit through a regular size door, you better be sure you’ll only be using it outside. (Even zoos have gates and gift shops!) 


Different strollers work best for different events. For example, my twins love facing each other when we go to the mall so they can see each other and play together. But, when they were younger that stroller didn’t always work the best because they’d kick each other and get mad that the other’s feet were in their way.


When we go to the zoo or anywhere the twins are having an experience, I like the side-by-side strollers so they’re not worried about one of them being able to see something up close while the other is getting blocked. 


Plus, I have some really cute pictures of them holding hands in their side-by-side stroller!

Photo of two matching twin onesies used to click on link for SameSame Kids

Ease of use

Stroller cup holders are a big deal! It might seem like a detail that could be lower on the list, but if your twins don’t have cup holders you’ll end up chasing down thrown cups all day. 


If you’re a MoMma who loves the outdoors, stroller canopies are also important. If it’s raining or too sunny, it’s nice to have a canopy that’ll close all of the ways, shade the sun and still let your twins see the outside world.


If you’re a sporty MoMma, and you plan to take your stroller to lots of baseball or soccer events, you might consider a wagon-style instead. You can fit things in the wagons such as lawn chairs and small coolers, and you can use it forever as long as you don’t pick something that looks like it’s specifically for babies. 


Or, if you like to go to the beach and you’re outside a lot, think about which wheels will work best for you. I prefer the wheels similar to those on a bicycle because they’re easier to push over curbs and at the beach. 


One more thing: Shocks are important if you don’t want your twins rattling around while you’re trying to push them! 

The double strollers {and wagon!} I ultimately recommend for twins:

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Pro Big wheels with shocks for a smooth ride, comfortable straps, 16 seating options, narrow, reclines


Con Remove the second seat to fold, heavier, mid-length canopy


Best for: MoMmas who love to shop


To see more details click here

Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Double Stroller

Pro Full coverage canopy, adjustable calf support, comfortable straps, reclines, big storage basket


Con Heavy, wide


Best for: MoMmas who enjoys day trips and weekend vacations


To see more details click here

Kinderwagon HOP Tandem Double Umbrella Stroller



Pro Budget-friendly, comfortable, light-weight, narrow


Con Snug fit, no canopy, few cupholders


Best for: MoMmas who are on the go


To see more details click here

Creative Outdoor Wagon

Pro Storage space, collapsable, can be pushed or pulled, sturdy, large canopy, can be used for other purposes


Con Large, not meant for indoor use

Best for: MoMmas who love sports and activities

To see more details click here

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