Our Story

Celebrating the
Small Moments

On my first Kinsella family vacation with my now-husband and his family, I was playing with our 3-year-old niece after a day at the beach.

Sitting on the couch giggling and chatting with her she turned around and had put a pair of swimming goggles on upside down. Of course, to be in on the fun, I put on a pair of goggles, too.

“Same Same!” she screeched in her adorable 3 year old voice!

“Same Same!” I said back to her, laughing.

We weren’t the same, of course. But in this simple moment of matching, there was a connection between us to celebrate that went deeper than just two silly people wearing goggles upside down. And who would have known that years later, that priceless moment of connection that will forever be a part of us became the name and the heart of SameSame Kids.

I think I won over him and his family on that amazing trip because Jim and I got married in 2015 and had our sweet twin boys in 2018, and I found myself looking forward to matching our boys’ outfits each morning. It, too, was a moment to celebrate – cuteness amid the chaos of mothering multiples.

SameSame Kids was founded to spread the joy of matching twins and triplets by connecting moms who love to match, and creating an affordable, convenient way to buy and sell pre-loved matching and coordinating outfits.

I believe that when we match our kids, we are celebrating the joy of mothering multiples.