two twin boys building a sand castle on the beach

Best places to take a family vacation with twins

Best places to take a family vacation with twins

by Ketti Menne

two twin boys building a sand castle on the beach


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Editor’s Note: SameSame Kids celebrates the joys of mothering multiples, and occasionally we invite MoMmas and their friends to share. Ketti is an amazing friend, she loves all things travel and there isn't anyone else I trust more to plan our twin family vacations! 

Planning a family vacation with your twins can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be!

With 10 years of experience in the travel industry, here’s what I’ve found works best for families, especially with those who have twins!

Try an all-inclusive destination

Some resorts really specialize in serving families, and I’ve found my travelers request all-inclusive, family-friendly locations more often when vacationing with their twins.

There are great options in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Most have direct flights during the winter months and spacious rooms that allow families to spread out! These resorts offer endless entertainment and excursion options are usually first on our list!  The destinations are safe, the resorts are clean and the staff is all so welcoming. Not to mention, there are so many things to do! From building sand castles in the sand on the beach, to water parks and spas! Because there is so much to do, there will always be something for any age to find relaxing and enjoyable! 

Plus, when it comes to your budget and what is included, it’s a great value for the price.

boy girl twins sitting on the beach holding their hands up in the air, facing the ocean
Invite the grandparents

A new trend in travel is multi-generational vacations, with grandparents, adult children and their children all traveling together. 

It’s amazing to see families’ bond, and with an all-inclusive resort, there’s entertainment and fun for every age and space to spread out and relax. 

Let's not forget that bringing your parents with may allow you to sneak in some romantic nights out with your partner!  And the grandparents get to spend extra quality time with your twins!

Consider Cancun for a fun family vacation with twins!

I’ve found that the Cancun, Mexico destination is one of the best locations for vacationing with twin! It offers so much more than it's spring break reputation lets on, which makes it one of the best cost-effective secret vacation spots! 

You can get there with a quick flight out of any major city, and the non-stop flight is usually around 4 hours or less which is always a plus when traveling with twins.

Cancun offers so many options for resorts, villas, and rentals, plus there are family suites that are designed for families to spread out and enjoy their time away.

Encourage your kids to practice their Spanish

In today’s educational settings, so many students are learning Spanish as a second language and in some cases, as early as preschool or first grade.

I’ve found that children really enjoy practicing their language skills with resort staff, and staff members love it!

Going to Mexico or another country allows for all of us to learn about other cultures, languages, and history by visiting ruins, going to local markets, or checking into local tours. 

I know that my families like to take their twins on excursions to visit the ruins, check out markets, and just be with the locals in a tour environment

Consider Puerto Vallarta for a budget-friendly vacation with twins!

Other than Cancun, many families I work with also pick Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The price points are usually less expensive, and the actual city of Puerto Vallarta is more authentic than Cancun or even Playa del Carmen.

The Pacific Ocean allows for family surf lessons and some great deep-sea fishing to be had.  Ziplining in Puerto Vallarta is also another great activity to do as a family. 

There are so many options and family-friendly destinations for travel. 

Next time you’re thinking about getting away, don’t rule out bringing your twins or their grandparents, either.

If you're looking for things to pack when traveling with twins, check out the amazon list below for tried and true items that got us through 4 flights and 2 layovers with twin toddlers! 

Happy traveling! 

Ketti Menne is a Travel Designer with Paradise Weddings and Travel and specializes in planning vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean. Find her at or on Facebook @Paradiseweddingsandtravel 

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When you travel with children you are giving something that can never be taken away…experience, exposure and a way of life. 

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