Twin babies, one in a lion shirt and one in a bear shirt

Twin Clothing Sizes: What you need to know!

Twin Clothing Sizes: What you need to know!

Twin babies, one in a lion shirt and one in a bear shirt


The average birth weight for twins delivered at 37 weeks or later is 5 1/2lbs and taking into consideration that most twins are delivered prior to 36 weeks, that gives us a good basis of where to start from when trying to figure out what clothes our twins will start wearing!

If you’ve already started shopping and have a ton of newborn and 0-3 month matching outfits, that’s okay too! Regardless of if your twins are born early or at lower birth weights, they’ll eventually get there! It’s always better to size up than to have clothes that are too small!

Understanding Sizing

Clothing brands don’t make it easy on us twin moms do they? I swear they have their own

rules on what twin clothing sizes actually are so that makes it feel impossible to figure out what sizes you need and when!

Most kids clothing brands try to use the ‘average’ size of a baby at certain ages so if your twins are in the 90th percentile, you may want to size up!

Clothing Tags

I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this out but I think my twin boys were about 3 months old when I did! I just couldn’t figure out why my 3 month olds weren’t fitting into 0-3 month or 3 month clothes. Well my friends, that’s because the tag means {up to} that age!

So 0-3 months for example means it should fit from 0 {up to} 3 months! Same applies for all other sizes. For example, if your babies are closer to 6 months, size up to 6-9 because a 3-6 month will almost be too small! 

24 Months vs 2T - What’s the difference?

First off, you’d think that they’d be the same size and I can tell you from experience that they are not. They’re similar, but if you line them up, 2T is a little longer and a little wider.

The main reasoning other than the slightest size difference is style and are you ready for it to all make sense….potty training!

It’s actually quite intuitive if you think about it. What twin mom is going to want to unsnap onesies every time their twin toddler has to go to the bathroom?!

Also most designers who make infant twin clothes build in a little extra bottom room for twins who are still in diapers. When you move on to 2T they start tightening up that area so it’s not as baggy.

And the second reason I mentioned is style. Typically when you start transitioning from months to toddler, you’re going to start seeing a little more mature style and a less ‘babyish’ clothing style.

As a twin boy mom I’ve always been jealous of the twin girl moms out there with the adorable matching dresses and jumpers and accessories so I’ve been in heaven now that my twins are big enough to be in more stylish clothes!

The solution to all of this? Just knowing how much your twins weigh and buy your clothes based on that vs age!

If you want access to the amazing printable that will help you figure out exactly what size clothing your twins should be in based on weight instead of age, not to mention so much more, click here! 

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